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Anytime tickets

the most flexible ticket you can buy

Anytime benefits

  • use any train operator at any time
  • get a London Midland only Anytime ticket for an even cheaper price (for travel on our trains)
  • no need to pre-book
  • available for standard and first class
  • no need to specify your return journey, come back within one calendar month 
  • avoid queuing in London and get an Anytime Day Travelcard 


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Where can I use them?

  • Anytime tickets are available everywhere, journeys under 50 miles may also include Anytime Day tickets
  • Anytime Day Travelcard includes unlimited travel on London's buses and tubes, and most trains in the Transport for London area 
  • nNetwork card (one day) is valid within Network West Midlands area and includes unlimited travel on rail, Metro and bus services

Terms & conditions

  • Anytime Day (Single & Return) are for travel on the date printed on the ticket
  • The outward ticket for an Anytime Return ticket is valid for use within 5 days of the date printed on it 

Birmingham to London

£76 Anytime Return

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Milton Keynes to London

£39.20 Anytime Day Return

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Northampton to London

       £58.40 Anytime Day return      

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